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Standard and performance
Dicision Item Unit Data
Body Body   CH-HY3S
Product size (Width*Length*Height) mm 370 X 200 X 665
product weight Kg 7
Tank capacity L 20
Pump Mode   diaphragm pump
Voltage V 12.6
Current A 2.3
Max pressure Kg/Cm 5.8
Intake L/min 3.6
Battery Mode   Lithium-ion
Voltage V 11.1
Current A 2.3
Capacity Ah 10
Charger Rated input voltage V AC220
Rated input voltage V DC12.6
Time   4 hours
Time High 6 hours

  • Hybrid sprayer has both automatic and manual mode with an agitator in the spray body which stirs the water-dispersible powders automatically.
  • Manual mode

    Once you run out of battery or DC motor malfunctions you can always switch to manual mode.

  • On Off light switch

    An On, Off light switch is available which is used for automatic mode.

  • DC motor RPM Controller

    RPM controller has three (low, medium, high) power controls that enables you to adjust the spray pressures.

  • Digital Voltmeter

    Digital voltmeter shows how much battery remains.

  • Agitator

    Agitator prevents water-dispersible powders from blocking the nozzles and pump malfunctions.

  • Agitator operation control

    Used to switch agitator On or Off.

  • Used to switch agitator On or Off

    Lithium-ion battery(10Ah) is used which can last for more than 6 hours.

  • Stainless pipe

    This pipe enables you to determine the spray capacity by fastening or unfastening the nozzle.